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Enhanced Benefits

Enhanced benefits (also known as voluntary benefits) can be an Employer's dream and an Employee lifeline. These programs have been saving individuals and families from having to file bankruptcy for the past 25 years.

Employers love to offer these benefits to their employees to "round out" their benefits at no cost to the employer. Additionally, employees can choose benefits ala carte to fit their needs instead of having to take only what the Employer offers. Additional value adds include:

  • These benefits can almost always be offered pre-tax to the employees saving both employees and the Employer money on all taxes through payroll.
  • These programs are generally portable for the employees to take with them at the same cost as they were purchased through their employer.
  • Most policies will never see a price increase during the life of their policy.
  • Policies can be purchased whether the employee is on the Core Employee Medical or not.
  • Employees can purchase only what they need and not have to enroll in policies that don't fit them or their family's needs.

For many year's enhanced benefits were only offered by a handful of carriers. However, because we at Summit Insurance Services recognize that no one carrier has all enhanced benefits as "Best in Class", we engaged two powerhouse, national carriers to build us a true program where all the programs meet the Best-in-Class criteria. It is proprietary to us and comes only from Summit Insurance Services. The policies include:

  • 24 Hour Accident Coverage (both on and off the job).
  • Short Term Individual Disability
  • Cancer and Critical Illness Coverage
  • Hospital Indemnity Coverage
  • Life Insurance (Guaranteed Issue to various Amounts)
  • Dental Coverage
  • Gap Plans

All of these plans pay money directly to the employee to cover expenses both medical (deductibles, coinsurance, etc.) and non-medical (rent, mortgage, car payments, travel or lodging for unexpected occurrences and some emergencies.

In today's volatile times, no family or individual should be caught without these valuable coverages to offset financial hardship. We are industry experts at how to provide these programs as stand alone or "baked in" to Core Medical Benefits.

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