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Personalized Healthcare

Summit Medical Management tailors a program for you and your employees. With consistent rising costs, most employers focus on plan design and administration to save money, but that only makes up 20% of the healthcare budget. We like to focus on the other 80%.

What makes up the remaining 80%? Medical claims. To save costs companies must reduce the severity and frequency of medical claims. Unfortunately, this issue is compounded by the increase in employee deductibles and subsequently employees avoiding healthcare altogether because of it which allows small problems to become big claims.

How does Summit save you money?

We have an exclusive partnership with AIMM (Ault International Medical Management) which allows us to build custom plans just for you. Through this customized medical management solution, we look at 3 things that direct impact the costs of claims:

  • Audit & Correction - Reviewing cases and fixing deficiencies.
  • Care Management - Managing individual cases.
  • Clinical Underwriting - Determining diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and anticipated costs.

Through this patient centric care management process, we have seen lower costs, better patient outcomes and high employee satisfaction.

Companies that effectively manage their medical claims can save upwards of 40% on their medical costs. Let us help you lower your company healthcare costs! Contact us today.